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Signal layers

Modified 2018-12-18 by tanij


Preliminary knowledge of Duckietown information layers.

From a functional perspective, Duckietown cities are an integral part of the robotic ecosystem we call Duckietown. They are designed to send information to the Duckiebots, so these can operate.

Duckietowns are modular. They are composed of fundamental building blocks that can be combined to create nearly arbitrary city landscapes. Moreover, many hardware components are the same as those used for the Duckiebots.

At a high level, Duckietown is built with two layers, the floor and signals layers.

Floor Layer

Modified 2018-12-18 by tanij

The floor layer is the substrate on which Duckiebots drive, i.e., the road.

Regardless of the geometry of the roads (straight, curve, intersections), roads are made of two lanes; one for each direction of driving. Lanes are obtained by applying lane markings a black background. The lane markings need to adhere to the appearance specifications to be effective.

Signals Layer

Modified 2021-10-30 by tanij

The signals layer contains all the signs and other functional objects that sit on top of the mats (e.g., traffic lights, watchtowers, etc.). Objects are functional when they enable some behavior for the Duckiebots. For example, traffic signs are functional because they inform Duckiebots at intersections where they are and what should they look out for to know when to drive on.

Non-functional elements

Modified 2021-03-21 by tanij

The citizens of Duckietown like their cities to be colorful and fun, and encourage all efforts at adding non-functional components to the city. Non functional objects, e.g., decorative building, can still sit on the floor but make sure they don’t interfere with the signals or floor layers!

Moreover, although Duckiebot drivers all have their driving licenses and know to focus on the road, the background, i.e., whatever is in the room the Duckietown was assembled, matters too.