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dts challenges CLI

Modified 2019-04-14 by Liam Paull

This section is a reference for how to interact with the challenges server with the command line.

Account info

Modified 2019-04-28 by tanij

Use this command to see the status of your account:

$ dts challenges info

Local evaluation

Modified 2019-04-28 by tanij

The evaluate command allows you to do a local evaluation of your submission:

$ dts challenges evaluate

Submitting a submission

Modified 2019-04-28 by tanij

The submit command allows you to submit the solution in the current directory:

$ dts challenges submit

There are many options for this command, explained in Unit F-3 - Advanced submission options.

List submissions

Modified 2019-04-28 by tanij

The list command allows you to see all of your submissions:

$ dts challenges list

Reset a submission

Modified 2019-04-28 by tanij

Resetting a submission means that you discard the evaluations already perfomed and you force them to be done again.

$ dts challenges reset --submission ID

Retire a submission

Modified 2018-10-09 by Andrea Censi

Retiring a submission means that you declare the submission void. It will not be evaluated and previous results will be discarded.

$ dts challenges retire --submission ID

Follow the fate of a submission

Modified 2018-10-13 by Kirsten Bowser

The follow command polls the server to see whether there are updates:

$ dts challenges follow --submission ID

Defining a challenge

Modified 2020-07-18 by Andrea Censi

The define command allows to define a challenge:

$ dts challenges define