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Software requirements

Modified 2020-11-06 by Andrea Censi

This section describes the required software to participate in the competition.

Supported Operating Systems

Modified 2019-04-11 by Liam Paull

Ubuntu 20.04

Modified 2020-11-06 by Andrea Censi

Ubuntu 20.04 is the best supported environment. Earlier version might work. Note that we require an environment with Python 3.8 or higher.

Other GNU/Linux versions

Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

Any other GNU/Linux OS with Python of at least version 3.8 should work. However, to streamline assistance, we only support officially Ubuntu.

Mac OS X

Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

OS X is well-supported; however we don’t have full instructions for certain steps. (There is so much divergence in how OS X environments are configured.)

We suggest to use pyenv to install Python 3.8.


Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

Windows is currently not supported. We are working on it! Please let us know on Slack if you can help, in the #devel-wsl channel.


Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

Install Docker from these instructions.

If you want to use a GPU for evaluating your submission, edit your /etc/docker/daemon.json to include the following options.

    "default-runtime": "nvidia",

    "runtimes": {
        "nvidia": {
            "path": "nvidia-container-runtime",
            "runtimeArgs": []

    "node-generic-resources": [ "NVIDIA-GPU=0" ]

Don’t forget that after you install Docker you need to add user to “docker” group:

$ sudo adduser `whoami` docker

you likely know about the first two options default-runtime and runtimes. Be sure to include also the “unusual” option node-generic-resources: this is needed because the evaluation uses Docker Compose.


Modified 2020-11-18 by Cliff

We need Git and Git LFS.

On Ubuntu you can install both using

$ apt-get install git git-lfs

Duckietown Shell

Modified 2021-11-02 by Jacopo Tani

Install the Duckietown Shell using:

$ pip3 install --user -U duckietown-shell

If you encounter problems look at the Duckietown Shell instructions in the README.

Make sure it is installed by using:

$ dts version

Set the daffy command branch:

$ dts --set-version daffy

Update the commands using:

$ dts update

Authentication token

Modified 2019-04-15 by tanij

Set the Duckietown authentication token using this command:

$ dts tok set

Docker Hub information

Modified 2022-02-02 by Andrea F Daniele

Set your Docker Hub username and password using:

read -p "docker username: " docker_username
read -p "docker password: " docker_password
dts challenges config --docker-username $docker_username --docker-password $docker_password

You can use an access token instead of a password.

Login to Docker Hub:

$ docker login

Since November 2, 2020 Docker Hub has implemented tight rate limits for anonymous accounts. If you experience timeouts in Docker or similar problems, it is likely because you have not logged in recently. Note that docker login needs to be repeated every 12 hours.

Check dts configuration

Modified 2020-11-07 by Andrea Censi

This command checks that you have a good authentication token:

$ dts challenges info

You should expect an output like:

~        You are succesfully authenticated:
~                     ID: your numeric ID
~                   name: your name
~                  login: your account name on Duckietown
~                profile: your website
~            You can find the list of your submissions at the page: