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Make your first submission

Modified 2020-11-07 by Liam Paull

This section describes the steps to make your first submission.

You have made a submission to the Lane Following AI-DO challenge, and you know how to try to make it better.

Checkout the submission repo

Modified 2020-11-07 by Liam Paull

Check out the competition template challenge-aido_LF-template-random:

$ git clone


Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

Jump into the directory:

$ cd challenge-aido_LF-template-random

Submit using:

$ dts challenges submit --challenge aido-hello-sim-validation

This does the following:

  1. Build a Docker container.
  2. Push the Docker container.
  3. Make contact with the challenge server to send your submission.

The expected output is something along the lines of:

Sending build context to Docker daemon  5.632kB
Successfully created submission SUBMISSION_NUMBER

You can track the progress at:

You can also use the command:

   dts challenges follow --submission SUBMISSION_NUMBER

where SUBMISSION_NUMBER is your submission id.

To understand more about the details of what’s happening here see Unit D-1 - Minimal pure-Python Template.

Monitor the submission

Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

There are 2 ways to monitor the submission:

The first way is to use the web interface, at the URL indicated in the terminal.

The second way is to use the dts challenges follow command:

 $ dts challenges follow --submission SUBMISSION_NUMBER

Look at the leaderboard

Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

The leaderboard for this challenge is available at the URL

In general all the challenge leaderboards can be viewed at the front page the challenges website.

All available challenges can be viewed in the comprehensive challenges page.

Local evaluation

Modified 2022-12-15 by Kathryn Hite

You can also evaluate the submission locally. This is useful for debugging and development.

Use this command:

$ dts challenges evaluate  --challenge aido-hello-sim-validation


Modified 2022-12-15 by Kathryn Hite

If any of the commands above don’t work, it is likely that something related to Docker permissions is to blame.

If you are using Docker Desktop for Mac OS X you might need to try the following:

dts challenges submit fails with a permission error on Mac OS X using Docker Desktop.

Disable gRPC FUSE in Docker Desktop by going to “Preferences” and unchecking the option “Use gRPC Fuse for file sharing”. Select “Apply and Restart” to save the changes.

For other issues please ask us on Slack in the #help-accounts channel.