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Modified 2021-08-09 by rafaelfroehlich

This section teaches you how to prepare your Watchtower system. This includes initialization and hardware assembly. The placement of the Watchtowers in the city and the whole localization system is described in the Localization System Section

SD card initialization

Modified 2021-08-09 by rafaelfroehlich

For Watchtowers and traffic lights we use naming conventions. Have a look at traffic light naming conventions (unknown ref opmanual_duckietown/dt-ops-tl-prep)

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or for information. To flash your SD card with the conventions mentioned in the links before, use these instructions.


Modified 2021-08-09 by rafaelfroehlich

Below you find the pictures of assembled Watchtowers in the above configurations.

WT19-B configuration.
WT18 configuration.
WT18 configuration.
Assembled Watchtowers in different configurations.