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Building a maintenance area

Modified 2019-09-23 by AmaurX

A complete maintenance area.

Next, please build the whole maintenance area.

Put together all tiles

Modified 2019-06-30 by Tomasz

Respect the constraints of Duckietown.

Add April tags for every intersection

Modified 2019-08-06 by Tomasz Z

Note down all the tag IDs and their positions in your maintenance area - you will need them later on to define your map in the software.

Add a red line and a STOP April tag after each charger

Modified 2019-09-24 by hosnerm

Directly at the beginning of the next tile after a charger, add a red line Figure 5.2. This red line and the stop tag is used to determine whether a Duckiebot is the first in a charger or not.

Place a traffic light on the maintenance intersection

Modified 2019-07-12 by alifahriander

This traffic light will serve as the charging manager.

Place watchtowers on charger intersections

Modified 2019-07-12 by alifahriander

Make sure that the intersection is under the scope of the camera

The red line after a charger.