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Autolab control interface installation

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

How to setup the web-interface to control the Autolab

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Installing the compose interface

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

Setup of the workspace

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

It is recommended to create a folder somewhere you like, that we’ll call Autolab_control . We will do everything from inside of that folder.

Launching the compose interface

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

The Autolab control interface is built with Compose, described as:

A CMS (Content Management System) platform written in PHP that provides functionalities for the fast development of web applications on Linux servers.

To set it up, go into Autolab_control and do

laptop $ git clone

laptop $ docker pull afdaniele/compose:latest

laptop $ docker run -itd -p 80:80 -v /FULL/PATH/TO/Autolab_control/compose/:/var/www/html/ afdaniele/compose:latest

This will start the \compose\ interface on your computer. The last command makes sure that whatever parameters are set within the interface will be saved, and reused as long as you keep launching the same command. If you run into any issue, visit the compose website.

Wait up to 10 seconds, then visit the page http://SERVER_HOSTNAME/ in your browser. SERVER_HOSTNAME is the name of the computer you are using. Dont forget the .local . For example, on a computer named autolab_computer_01 , go to http://autolab_computer_01.local/ .

Getting the Autolab Control package

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

First, follow the initial setup instructions for compose. You can skip step 1, and use the developer mode.

Then, navigate to the package store tab, where you’ll see a list of installable packages.

In addition to any package you want, you should install :

  • Autolab Control
  • ROS
  • Data

Once the list is selected, do not forget to actually click install at the top of the page.

Setting the paremeters in the compose page

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

In the compose webpage, go to the settings tab, and scroll to the Autolab Control part and fill it.

In the ROS section, set the port to 9090 .

Setting up the Rosbridge

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

In order for the web interface to communicate with the rest of the Autolab, you will need a Rosbridge running at all times.

To do so, go to Autolab_control and do

laptop $ git clone
laptop $ cd rosbridge_kinetic
laptop $ vim docker-compose.yaml

In docker-compose.yaml , modify the file to use your server’s IP address. Then run

laptop $ docker-compose up -d

Setting up the flask server

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

The flask server is where the control happens. It contains all the functions that are used by the user interface.

To run it, got to Autolab_control and do

laptop $ git clone
laptop $ cd autolab_control_flask_scripts
laptop $ git checkout daffy
laptop $ dts devel build -a amd64
laptop $ vim docker-compose.yaml

Modify the last volume in docker-compose.yaml and mount the right path to your fleet roster.


laptop $ docker-compose up -d

Using the interface

Modified 2020-01-20 by AmaurX

Now, everything should be setup. Go to the autolab control tab and enjoy.