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Localization System - Software explanation

Modified 2019-10-06 by AmaurX

The whole localization software explained

The code for localization (in dt-env-developer)

Better knowledge of the inner working of the current localization pipeline

Contribute to make it better

Goals and specifications of the localization system

Modified 2019-10-06 by AmaurX

For all Autobots in the Autolab:

  • 10 Hz rate pose trajectory (position and orientation)
  • 1 cm accuracy
  • 5 degree accuracy (less important maybe)

Outline of the code structure

Modified 2019-10-06 by AmaurX

In all the following, an agent will refer indifferently to a Watchtower or an Autobot.

The pipeline is roughly the following:

  • Every agent has a camera flow of image that is either recorded to be used later or directly sent to a processor
  • The processor (can be the agent itself or a central powerful computer) takes each image and extract, for each found Apriltag, the relative pose between the camera frame and the Apriltag frame, with the Apriltag ID and the time stamp of the image. This result is a stamped Apriltag transform.
  • This set of transforms is sent to a graph builder, that uses all those to create a big graph in G2O, a graph optimization library.
  • The graph builder does a lot of work (described below) to recreate and synchronize the time dependency of a moving Autobot (which, contrary to Watchtowers, cannot be represented as one vertex in the graph, but rather as successive vertices with unique time stamps).
  • The graph is regularly optimized, and the trajectory of each Autobot is extracted.

The global frame is fixed thanks to the measured ground Apriltags, that are fed into the graph at initialization, and set as fixed points of the graph.