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Autolab definition

Modified 2021-10-19 by Andrea Censi


A Duckietown up to specifications from the Duckietown book (unknown ref opmanual_duckietown/book)

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Knowledge of the fundamental structures that make an Autolab.

Building the autocharging area.

An Autolab is a Duckietown with a set of additional structures:

  • A map
  • A fleet of Autobots*
  • A maintenance area
  • A localization system
  • An Autolab operation server

*The Duckiebots that are used inside an Autolab are called Autobots and rely on additional specifications.

The Map

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

For an Autolab to work, a precise map is needed. This part is handled in Unit B-4 - Autolab map

The fleet of Autobots

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

An Autolab is nothing without its fleet of Autobots. The Autobots are Duckiebots improved with different parts, mainly for autocharging and localization. They also follow a strict procedure of calibration, and we keep a log of all events that happen throughout the life of an Autobot. This is the role of the fleet roster.

The maintenance area

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

The maintenance area is an area that is designed to include the activities of an Autolab which are not related to the self-driving goals of Duckietown.

Right now, it is only comprised of the auto-charging area, but could be extended to include, say:

  • A parking lot
  • An auto-calibration arena

It is accessible via a single entry point (see Figure 0.1).

This area is critical to the full automation of the Autolab, because it will allow for the Autobots to go around indefinitely and recharge themselves, without any human intervention.

The localization system

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

The localization system is comprised of a set of watchtowers distributed in the city and a server to process the data and extract poses of all Autobots. The stream of images from watchtowers also finds use in many other projects than localization system.

The Autolab operation server

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

The Autolab operation server, described in the autolab operation manual and currently under development, is and will be the human interface to control the high level functions of the Autolab, to monitor its status and activity, and to launch experiments.

Sample map for an Autolab

Keywords: robotics, Autolab, auto-charging, charging, maintenance