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BUILDING - Watchtower in WT18 configuration

Modified 2019-08-16 by hosnerm

Material: Watchtower components. To obtain them contact

Tools: (strong) wood glue or hot glue gun, tape, double-sided tape.

An Assembled Watchtower system in WT18 configuration.

The next step is to initialize the SD card.

Before Assembly

Modified 2019-08-15 by hosnerm

From Wooden Plates to Chasis Parts (Laser Cut):

Modified 2019-08-15 by hosnerm

The plates should be 4mm thick. To cut a set of traffic light, you need a plates with the size of roughly 347mm x 256mm x 4mm.

Tubes Preparation:

Modified 2019-08-15 by hosnerm

We only need one tube here. The spec of the tube is listed directly below.

Symbols to escape
Length: 572mm
Diameter: 20mm

We recommend you to buy a tube cutter. It’ll save you from lots of troubles. After cutting the tube, you could polish the edges so that it won’t hurt you.

Watchtower Assembly

Modified 2019-08-15 by hosnerm

Wooden Box (with Raspberry Pi)

Modified 2019-08-15 by hosnerm

These are all the parts for assembly the wooden chasis.

The parts for wooden box assemble.
Step 1: Stick the sliders

Step 1
Step 2: Combine two walls of the box

Step 2
Step 3: Stick the third wall of the box

Step 3
Step 4: Stick the forth wall of the box

Step 4
Step 5: Stick the stabler for the tube

Stick the small part, but DON’T stick the large plate. It should be the lid for the box that can be opened so that we could put Raspberry Pi in.

Step 5
Step 6: Get the parts for camera mount

Step 6
Step 7: Stick the stablers for tubes on camera mount

Note that there’re two parts with larger holes and one part with a smaller hole. Tubes can go through lager hole but not smaller one. Thus, you should place the parts with smaller on the very top.

Step 7
Step 8: Stick the other side of camera mount

Step 8
Step 9: Stick the little T shape part on the lid of camera mount

You don’t need to stick the lid on the camera.

Step 9
Step 10: Parts you need for Raspberry PI holder.

Including the plate, two M2.5, 12mm Spacers, two M2.5, 6mm Screws, two M2.5, 4mm Screws and one Raspberry PI 3B+ Model.

Step 10
Step 11: Install the spacers with the 6mm screws.

Step 11
Step 12: Install the RPI with the 4mm screws.

Step 12

After this step, we’re finished with the chassis. Now let’s assemble everything.

Step 13: Put tubes through the chassis.
Step 14: Install camera mount on the very top of the tube.
Step 15: Install the camera cables on Raspberry PI and let it go through the tube.
Step 16: Install camera on the other side of the cable and put it on the camera mount.
Step 17: Final Results

You finished the assembly! You can now prettify the tube according to your own taste. The final result should look like Figure 3.14.

completely assembled Watchtower in WT18 configuration