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Modified 2019-09-27 by Aleksandar Petrov

This is the description of the great and marvelous megacity demo.

Fully set up Duckiebots.

Fully set up Duckietown.

One or more Duckiebot safely navigating in Duckietown.

This is an advanced demo. Make sure you have the experience and the hardware to fully capture its potential.

Video of expected results

Modified 2019-04-10 by gibernas

The video is at

Outcome of a successful Megacity demo

Duckietown setup notes

Modified 2019-04-27 by tanij

To run this demo, you can push your fantasy to the limit by building the Duckietown. The demo supports (almost) everything that is currently implemented. Make sure that your Duckietown complies with the appearance specifications presented in the Duckietown specs (unknown ref opmanual_duckietown/dt-ops-appearance-specifications)

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 > I do not know what is indicated by the link '#opmanual_duckietown/dt-ops-appearance-specifications'.

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Duckiebot setup notes

Modified 2019-04-09 by gibernas

One (preferably more) Duckiebot in setup DB-18.

Pre-flight checklist

Modified 2019-04-09 by gibernas

Check: Sufficient battery charge of the Duckiebot.

Check: Duckiebot is properly calibrated.

Demo instructions

Modified 2019-05-08 by Gianmarco

You will have to repeat the instructions for each of the Duckiebots

Follow these steps to run the indefinite navigation demo on your Duckiebot:

Step 1 Power on your bot and wait for the duckiebot-interface to initialize (the LEDs go off).

Step 2: Launch the demo by running:

laptop $ dts duckiebot demo --demo_name megacity --duckiebot_name DUCKIEBOT_NAME --package_name duckietown_demos

Many nodes need to be launched, so it will take quite some time.

Step 3: With the joystick or In a separate terminal, start the joystick GUI:

laptop $ dts duckiebot keyboard_control hostname

and use the instructions to toggle between autonomous navigation and joystick control modes.


Modified 2019-04-10 by gibernas

The Duckiebot fails at intersections.

This problem is an open development problem, to improve the results tune the parameters of the unicorn_intersection_node, the procedure is explained in the troubleshooting section (unknown ref trouble-unicorn_intersection)

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I do not know what is indicated by the link '#trouble-unicorn_intersection'.

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The demo fails, and it complains of a missing camera calibration file (usually is the ground_projection_node the first to die)

Run the camera calibration again.

Maintainer: Contact Gianmarco Bernasconi (ETHZ) via Slack for further assistance.